Computer Fundamentals Introduction[2020]

Computer Fundamentals


Computer Fundamentals can be describe as the learning or studying some basic functions of computer ranging from their origin to modern-day . Study of basic computer types to their characteristics ,advantages and drawbacks are included within the Learning of fundamentals of computers. Before Shifting to advance computer knowledge it’s highly recommended to remember of this subject thoroughly because it would cause you to more confident and cozy while acquiring more advanced computer skills.

Topics Included

Computer Introduction – introduction of computer,Functionalities,advantages and disadvantages of computer comes under this topic.

Computer Application – In this chapter, we will discuss the application of computers in various fields.

Computer Generations – Each generation will be discussed in detail along with their time period and characteristics in this topic.

Computer Types – Types of computer classified by their speed and computing power will discussed under this topic.

Computer Input/ Output devices – We will learn about different input and output devices in this topic.

Printer – Different types of printer with their merits and dmerits will be in this topic.

Computer Memory – In this chapter, we will learn about different types of memory that are used in Computer.

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