Microsoft Powerpoint Introduction, Features & Advantages-2020


Microsoft PowerPoint may is a presentation software that is employed to make sequence of words and movie that tell a story and help to support speech or performance of data . virtual presentation software developed by Robert Gaskins and Dennis Austin for the American computer software company Forethought, Inc.

PowerPoint was designed to facilitate visual demonstrations for group presentations within the business environment. Presentations are arranged as a series of individually designed “slides” that contain images, text, or other objects. Version 1.0 allowed users to get text and graphics pages for black-and-white handouts, notes, and overhead transparencies. Version 2.0, developed for both Macintosh and Microsoft’s Windows OS , was upgraded to output 35-mm colour slides. The 1992 release of PowerPoint 3.0 introduced the now-standard virtual slideshow.

Subsequent versions have added more features: slide transitions, background designs, animation, graphics, movie and sound clips, and AutoContent. In 2003 the renamed Office PowerPoint reflected Microsoft’s emphasis on standardizing the interface and program functions across their suite of Office programs, including Word (a word processor) and Excel (a spreadsheet program).

PowerPoint was developed for business use but has wide applications elsewhere like for schools and community organizations. The program was initially packaged as a stand-alone product, but its inclusion within the best-selling Microsoft Office suite has assured its dominance within the presentation-software market.

Feature of MS Powerpoint

MS Powerpoint is lots of features out of them some important features are listed below:

  • Add Smart Art.
  • Insert different shapes.
  • Insert different pictures and videos.
  • Slide Transition.
  • Add Animation.
  • Insert graphs.

Advantages of MS Powerpoint

Some of the very important advantages of using MS Powerpoint are given below:

  • Easy to learn and use
  • Large library of background template and custom layouts.
  • Easy to add multimedia.
  • Easy to edit presentation.
  • Easy to output to different formats.
  • Excellent for summarizing facts.

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