Operating System MCQ part 10 || 226-250 important Questions and Answer

Operating System MCQ part 10 with question and answer. This article contains the 25 questions for practicing loksewa computer operator exam. Answer is given at the end of the page.

226. Operating System manages

a. Memory
b. Processor
c. I/O devices
d. All of the above

227. To send email, we use

a. MS Excel
b. Outlook Explorer
d. Netscape Navigator

228. Which of the following concept is best to preventing page faults?

a. Paging
b. The working set
c. Hit ratios
d. Address location resolution

229. Poor response time are usually caused by

a. Process busy
b. High I/I rates
c. High paging rate
d. Any of the above

230. Internal commands are

a. Incorporated in the command.com
b. Incorporate in the command directory
c. Have external files
d. All of the above

231. Where will store data first time when you copy

a. Clipboard
b. Clipbook
c. Hard disk
d. CD

232. If you are typing paragraph that is double line spaced and press enter to start new paragraph, the new paragraph will be

a. Quarter space
b. Single space
c. Half space
d. Double space

233. Which is not a valid property for attribute setting?

a. C
b. S
c. H
d. R

234. GUI means

a. Graphic user interface
b. Geographic user interface
c. Graphical user interface
d. Geometric user interface

235. Use of icons and windows are characteristics of …… interface

a. Command driven
b. Windows orientated
c. Graphical user
d. Menu driven

236. CHKDSK command

a. Check the disk
b. Dos command
c. Give information about disk
d. All of the above

237. Windows can run

a. One application only
b. Two applications only
c. Four applications only
d. All of above

238. Format a:/s will do

a. Formats and then transfers system file
b. Formats with verification
c. Formats and scans the disk
d. None of above

239. A whole document can be formatted using the commands on the

a. File menu
b. Help menu
c. Format menu
d. Tools menu

240. What does FAT stands for?

a. File attribute type
b. File allocation table
c. Format All Tabs settings
d. File for all type

241. Which command allows you to create a root directory?

a. MD
b. Deltree
c. Format
d. All of above

242. Fonts install from

a. Add from control panel
b. Font setup file
c. Font.exe file
d. All of above

243. You can install fonts from

a. Add from control program
b. Font setup files
c. Font .ext files
d. All of above

244. Which is not concerned with control panel?

a. Printer
b. Run application
c. Font
d. Keyboard

245. Unicode standard is

a. Keyboard layout
b. Software
c. Font
d. Character encoding system

246. MKDIR is similar to

a. MD
b. File
c. Folder
d. Table

247. A …is a windows component that is designed to store other components so these can be organized efficiently?

a. Document
b. Window
c. Folder
d. All of above

248. You can switch from one program to another on the desktop by clicking within the desired program’s window or by clicking on its ….button

a. Icon
b. Taskbar button
c. Folder
d. None of above

249. You can switch from one program to another by clicking within the desired program’s icon from the

a. Application icon on desktop
b. Application icon from taskbar
c. Folder
d. None of above

250. Virtual memory typically located on

a. RAM
b. CPU
c. Flash card
d. Hard drive

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Answers for Operating System MCQ part 10. Comment Below in any Confusion.

226 – d227 – b228 – b229 – d230 – a
231 – a232 – d233 – a234 – c235 – c
236 – d237 – d238 – a239 – c240 – b
241 – c242 – d243 – d244 – b245 – d
246 – a247 – c248 – b249 – b250 – d

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