Operating System MCQ part 11 || 251-275 important Questions and Answer

Operating System MCQ part 11 with question and answer. This article contains the 25 questions for practicing loksewa computer operator exam. Answer is given at the end of the page.

251. What is contained in the page table?

a. Base address of each frame and corresponding page number
b. Memory address and corresponding page number
c. File name and corresponding page number
d. None of Above

252. Tree structure displays the

a. File only
b. Directory only
c. File and directory name
d. None of above

253. Windows 2000 server uses the

a. FAT 16
c. FAT 64
d. FAT 32

254. Which command will divide the surface of the blank floppy disk into sector and assign a unique address to each one?

a. Ver
b. Format
c. FAT

255. First-in-First-Out (FIFO) scheduling is

a. Non Preemptive Scheduling
b. Preemptive Scheduling
c. Fair Share Scheduling
d. Deadline Scheduling

256. Which one of the following key is used to refresh the active window?

a. F7
b. F8
c. F9
d. F5

257. To display system boot menu which of the following command you must press?

a. F4
b. F7
c. F8
d. F5

258. Press ____ key while booting to display Advanced Boot Menu

a. F5
b. F6
c. F8
d. Del

259. Which of the following command is used to move the pointer from one pane to next pane?

a. F3
b. F4
c. F5
d. F6

260. In a folder, which of the following command is used to rename the file or folder

a. F3
b. F4
c. F2
d. F7

261. A character that represents one or more unknown character is

a. Wildcard character
b. All file name
c. Extensions
d. None of above

262. Which of the following file format supports in Windows 7?

b. BSD
c. EXT
d. All of the above

263. Anything you cut or copy on to the clipboard remains there until you

a. Change it
b. Clear
c. Exit windows
d. All of the above

264. Multiprogramming systems …

a. Are easier to develop than single programming system
b. Execute each job faster
c. Execute more jobs in the same time period
d. Are used only by large mainframe computer

265. Multiprogramming systems:

a. Are easier to develop than single programming systems
b. Execute each job faster
c. Execute more jobs in the same time period
d. Are used only one large mainframe computers.

266. When you press and release the secondary mouse button you are ….

a. Right clicking
b. Left clicking
c. Either a or b
d. None of above

267. Netscape navigator is a

a. Browser
b. Compose
c. Editor
d. None of these

268. To print documents from Windows

a. File >> Print
b. Drag the document icon over your printers icon
c. Edit print
d. Both a and B

269. Which of the following appear in Windows menu bar?

a. Help
b. File
c. Edit
d. All of above

270. The operating system allows the user to organize the computer’s contents in a hierarchical structure of directories that include all of the following except:

a. Files
b. Folders
c. Drives
d. System

271. When you quickly press and release the left mouse button twice you are

a. Primary clicking
b. Pointing
c. Double clicking
d. Secondary clicking

272. Essential files of DOS are

a. Command.com and IO.Sys
b. IO.Sys and DOS.Sys
c. DOS.Sys and Command.com
d. Autoexec.bat and Config.sys

273. Which operating system does not support long file names?

a. OS/2
b. Windows 98
c. DOS 6.2
d. Windows NT

274. Which operating system uses short file names?

a. Windows
b. Unix
c. DOS
d. All of above

275. Pick out odd

a. Windows
b. Window
c. DOS
d. Linux

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Answers for Operating System MCQ part 11

251 – a252 – c253 – b254 – b255 – a
256 – d257 – c258 – c259 – d260 – c
261 – a262 – a263 – d264 – c265 – c
266 – a267 – a268 – d269 – d270 – d
271 – c272 – b273 – c274 – c275 – b

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