Operating System MCQ part 3 || 51-75 important Questions and Answer

Operating System MCQ part 3 with question and answer. This article contains the 25 questions for practicing loksewa computer operator exam. Answer is given at the end of the page.

51. Which command is used to display the contents of the text file of DOS?

a. Copy con
b. Copy
c. Type
d. Dir

52. In Windows start button is used to

a. Run applications
b. Device setting
c. Turn off the system
d. All of above

53. Which of the following is an essential file of a MS-DOS boot disk?


54. Which one is true for unconditional disk formatting?

a. Destroys every byte of data on a disk by overwriting itwith with blank spaces
b. Do not check/scan surface after format
c. Transfer system files after format
d. All of above

55. Once text has been cut to the clipboard, you can …..that text into another document

a. Paste
b. Copy
c. Transfer
d. None of the above

56. What is the function of radio button?

a. To select multiple option
b. To select single option
c. To select all option
d. All of above

57. The Banker’s algorithm is used

a. to rectify deadlock
b. to detect deadlock
c. to prevent deadlock
d. to slove deadlock

58. The primary purpose of an operating system is:

a. To make the most efficient use of the computer hardware
b. To allow people to use the computer,
c. To keep systems programmers employed
d. To make computers easier to use

59. The primary purpose of an operating system is a …

a. To make the most efficient use of computer hardware
b. To allow people to use the computer
c. To keep system programmer employed
d. To make computer easier to use

60. You can use print manage window

a. To checkstatus of files in the print queue
b. To cancel the print job
c. To interrupt printing
d. All of the above

61. Which of the following operating system reads and reacts in actual time?

a. Quick Response System
b. Real Time System
c. Time Sharing System
d. Batch Processing System

62. All of the following are TRUE regarding virtual memory EXCEPT

a. Any amount of RAM can be allocated to virtual memory
b. The setting for the amount of hard disk drive space to allocate virtual memory canbe manually change
c. This temporary storage is called the swap file or page file
d. Virtual memory is the physical space o the hard drive

63. The essential difference between an operating system like Linux and one like Windows is that

a. Windows can run with an Intel processor, whereas Linux cannot
b. Linux is a proprietary whereas Windows is not
c. There are multiple versions of Linux, but only one version of Windows
d. Any programmer can modify Linux code which is not permitted with Windows

64. What is dispatch latency?

a. The timetaken by the dispatcher to stop one process and start another
b. The timetaken by the processor to write a file into disk
c. The whole timetaken by all processor
d. None ofAbove

65. A page fault occurs when

a. the Deadlock happens
b. the Segmentation starts
c. the page is found in the memory
d. the page is not found in the memory

66. Whenever you move a directory from one location to another

a. All files inside the directory are moved
b. All the subdirectory inside that directoryare moved
c. The directory is moved the source file is not moved
d. Both a and b

67. The Basic Input Output System (BIOS) resides in

a. RAM
b. ROM
c. The CPU
d. Memory Cache

68. Which of the following does not occur during the power-on-self-test (POST)?

a. The scandisk utility begins to run
b. The video card and video memory are tested
c. The BIOS identification process occurs
d. Memory chip are checked to ensure that they are working properly

69. The maximum size of a write file is limited to only

a. Name of the file
b. Extension of the file
c. The amount of memory in your computer
d. All of above

70. Which of the following is drop down list?

a. List
b. Combo box
c. Text area
d. None

71. Recently deleted files are stored in

a. Recycle bin
b. Desktop
c. Taskbar
d. My computer

72. Which components appear in the initial Windows start up display?

a. Dialog boxes
b. Start menu
c. Taskbar
d. All of above

73. A small part of taskbar that has icons of background running applications is

a. Start button
b. Quick launch
c. Task bar
d. System tray

74. An operating system version designed for use with a media center PC is Microsoft Windows XP

a. Home edition
b. Media center edition
c. Tablet PC edition
d. None of above

75. An operating system version designed for use with a tablet PC is Microsoft Windows XP

a. Home edition
b. Media center edition
c. Tablet PC edition
d. None of the above

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Answers for Operating System MCQ part 3

51 – c52 – d53 – a54 – a55 – a
56 – b57 – c58 – a59 – a60 – d
61 – b62 – a63 – d64 – a65 – d
66 – d67 – b68 – a69 – c70 – b
71 – a72 – c73 – d74 – b75 – c

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