Operating System MCQ part 5 || 101-125 important Questions and Answer

Operating System MCQ part 5 with question and answer. This article contains the 25 questions for practicing loksewa computer operator exam. Answer is given at the end of the page.

101. Which of the following shutdown method is often called Warm Boot?

a. Shut Down
b. Restart
c. Sleep
d. Hibernate

102. ______ is most often done after fixing a problem, adding a new program or making configuration change

a. Shut Down
b. Restart
c. Sleep
d. Hibernate

103. ___ is a compromise mode between Shut Down and Sleep mode because it does not consume power and remembers the current state of your desktop

a. Shut Down
b. Restart
c. Sleep
d. Hibernate

104. You should choose this mode if you don’t know how long you won’t use your computer but want to have the same desktop state when you resume

a. Shut Down
b. Restart
c. Sleep
d. Hibernate

105. The category of operating system that you most likely have running on your PDA computer is a …. Operating system

a. Real time
b. Single user, single task
c. Single user, multitask
d. Multiuser, multitask

106. Running multiple programs at the same time is called:

a. Multitasking
b. Foreground tasking
c. Single tasking
d. Symmetric

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107. What is the meaning of “Hibernate” in Windows XP/Windows 7?

a. Restart the Computer in safe mode
b. Restart the Computer in hibernate mode
c. Shutdown the Computer terminating all the running applications
d. Shutdown the Computer without closing the running applications

108. The function of Dir/W is

a. Show all details of file
b. Show only file name and directory name
c. Shows only directory
d. All of the above

109. Page stealing

a. Is a sign of an efficient system
b. Is taking page frame from other working sets
c. Should be the turning goal
d. Is taking layer disk space for page in page out

110. What do you mean by dialog box?

a. Interactive message box
b. Group of options
c. Set of controls
d. All of the above

111. Dial up connection allows you to
a. Connect ISP
b. Internet
c. Server
d. All of above

112. To properly exit Windows
a. Click the stop button on the desktop
b. Click the exit button on the desktop
c. Select shut down from Start menu
d. None of above

113. Which is not a system tool?
a. Folder
b. Backup
c. Scandisk
d. Format

114. A utility that can be used to minimize the number of fragmented files and enhance the speed
a. Disk space
b. Defrag
c. Scandisk
d. Double space

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115. To change the volume label
a. Vol
b. Label
c. Scandisk
d. None

116. Which of the following is a disk compression tools?
a. Drive space
b. Defragmenter
c. Scandisk
d. None of the above

117. To save your computer from viruses you will do
a. Install antivirus software and run it
b. Make physical safe for the removal disk
c. Scan the removable disk before using it
d. All of the above

118. How can you optimize performance of your computer?
a. Delete unused files
b. Defrag disk
c. Scan for virus
d. All of above

119. Scandisk
a. Checks the disk
b. Give information about disk
c. Run from DOS mode
d. All of the above

120. Recently used application file list appears in the Windows operating system
a. Setting menu
b. Documents menu
c. Run dialog box
d. Programs menu

121. Batch file is used to
a. Run program
b. Show the contents
c. run commands automatically
d. All of above

122. …. are specially designed computer chips that reside inside other devices, such as your car or electric thermostat
a. Server
b. Embedded computer
c. Robotic computer
d. Mainframes

123. The title bar always displays on
a. Top of the open windows
b. Left side of the open window
c. Right side of the open window
d. All of above

124. Which of the following is used to display the content of a certain drive or folder?
a. Click the drive or folder while holding down the Alt key
b. Triple click the drive or folder
c. Right-click the drive or folder
d. Double click the drive or folder

125. Which of the following file menu option saves document to disk?
a. Save
b. Create
c. Rename
d. All of above

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Answers for Operating System MCQ part 5

101 – b102 – b103 – d104 – d105 – b
106 – a107 – d108 – b109 – b110 – d
111 – a112 – c113 – a114 – b115 – b
116 – a117 – a118 – d119 – d120 – b
121 – c122 – b123 – a124 – d125 – a

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