Operating System MCQ part 6 || 126-150 important Questions and Answer

Operating System MCQ part 6 with question and answer. This article contains the 25 questions for practicing loksewa computer operator exam. Answer is given at the end of the page.

126. While working with MS-DOS which command is used to change the extension of all file names ending with .txt to doc?
a. Ren *.doc *.txt
b. Ren .txt .doc
c. Ren file.doc file.text
d. Ren a:*.doc *.doc

127. Booting means
a. Restarting computer
b. Installing program
c. Removing errors
d. Switch off

128. Booting means
a. Restarting computer
b. Installing program
c. Removing errors
d. Switch off computer

129. RD command are used to
a. Remove an empty directory
b. Remove non-empty directory
c. Remove directory including files
d. None of the above

130. When you open my computer on desktop you see the information of
a. Hard disk
b. CD
c. Removable disk
d. All of the above

131. ….is an intermediate storage for deleted files
a. My computer
b. My documents
c. Recycle bin
d. None of above

132. We can start the application from?
a. Log off
b. Network place
c. Recycle bin
d. Run

133. Which command is used to list out deleted files in DOS?
a. list
b. Undelete/list
c. Recover
d. All of the above

134. Which of the following is not process states?
a. New
b. Running
c. Ready
d. Finished

135. Which command is used to delete the directory and all of its contents in one step?
a. Deltree
b. CD
c. Rd
d. Dir *.*

136. What you type at the DOS command prompt to return back to windows?
a. Command
b. Exit
c. Quit
d. Return

137. What do you type at the DOS command prompt to return back to Windows
a. Command
b. Exit
c. Quit
d. Return

138. The question mark (?) indicates in file searching
a. A single character
b. A group of character
c. Questions
d. None of above

139. Save operation means
a. Put data into processor
b. Put data into internal memory
c. Put data into secondary storage
d. Put data into monitor

140. CAD software is most likely to be used by
a. Web designer
b. Engineers
c. Project Manager
d. Magazine Editor

141. A spooler is a
a. Location in memory that maintains the contents of documents until it prints out
b. Queue of print job that are waiting to print
c. Program that coordinates the print job that are waiting to process
d. Message sent from the printer to the operating system when a print job is completed

142. The problem with …file is that they slow your computer’s operation
a. Fragmented
b. Formatted
c. Program
d. All of above

143. User action such as keystroke or mouse click are referred to as
a. Interrupt
b. Tasks
c. Processes
d. Event

144. Which is not external command?
a. Doskey
b. Verify
c. Print
d. Find

145. What is the method of handling deadlocks?
a. Use a protocol to ensure that the system will never enter a deadlock state.
b. Allow the system to enter the deadlock state and then recover.
c. Pretend that deadlocks never occur in the system.
d. All of the Above

146. To delete a file without allowing it to store in recycle bin
a. Press Delete key
b. Press Shift + Delete key
c. Press Ctrl + Delete key
d. Press Alt + Delete key

147. Operating system is a ….
a. System software
b. Application software
c. Presentation software
d. Database software

148. To display a shortcut menu for an object you use
a. Click the object
b. Right click the object
c. Point the object and press Ctrl+P
d. Touch the object on the screen with your finger

149. Which of the following separates primary file and extension is
a. Dot
b. Period
c. Point
d. All of the above

150. In Microsoft windows, the graphical pattern on the desktop used as background for windows is
a. Icons
b. Wallpaper
c. Picture
d. Background

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Answers for Operating System MCQ part 6

126 – a127 – a128 – a129 – a130 – d
131 – c132 – d133 – b134 – d135 – a
136 – b137 – b138 – a139 – c140 – b
141 – c142 – a143 – d144 – b145 – d
146 – b147 – a148 – b149 – d150 – b

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