Operating System MCQ part 7 || 151-175 important Questions and Answer

Operating System MCQ part 7 with question and answer. This article contains the 25 questions for practicing loksewa computer operator exam. Answer is given at the end of the page.

151. All of the following are task performed by the operating system except
a. Managing hardware on the computer
b. Controlling the access that application program has to the CPU
c. Performing housekeeping task like file compression and disk defragmentation
d. Provides an interface for user to interact with computer

152. Which of the following is not an operating system?
a. CP/M
b. Unix
c. Pascal

153. Operating system is like a
a) Government
b) Police
c) Parliament
d) All of above

154. Underlined character on the menu or dialog box known as
a) Hot spot
b) Hot key
c) Pane
d) Underline word

155. Which key deletes text before, or to the left, of the insertion point?
a) PageUp
b) Delete
c) PageDown
d) BackSpace

156. The chunks of a memory are known as
a) Sector
b) Offset
c) Page
d) Frame

157. Start/restart the computer is called
a) Exit
b) Run
c) Option
d) Boot

158. Which file is transferred when computer is start up?
a) Document
b) Program files
c) Operating system
d) System files

159. Which of the following is an example of utility?
a) Antivirus
b) Word
c) Operating system
d) Data recovery

160. Which is built directly on the hardware?
a) Computer Environment
b) Application Software
c) Operating System
d) Database System

161. ….system is built directly on the hardware
a) Environment
b) System
c) Operating
d) None

162. The purpose of run command in start menu is to
a) Launch internet browser
b) Open internet explorer
c) Open windows explorer
d) Start programs

163. You can select My Computer icon and press Alt + Enter to
a) Delete it from desktop permanently
b) Open it in Explorer mode
c) Open System Properties dialog box
d) Pin it on Start menu

164. Generally quick launch toolbar is displayed on
a) the left side of taskbar
b) the right side of taskbar
c) on the middle of taskbar
d) a bar out of taskbar

165. Which is not a valid file system?
a) FAT 16
b) FAT 32
d) FXZ

166. Which file system DOS typically use?
a) FAT 16
b) FAT 32

167. Which file system Windows 95 typically use?
a) FAT 16
b) FAT 32

168. Which of the following is not a mode in starting Windows?
a) Command Prompt
b) Safe Mode
c) Normal Mode
d) Turbo Mode

169. Which of the following is default mode for Windows to start?
a) Command Prompt
b) Safe Mode
c) Normal Mode
d) None of above

170. The file system “NTFS” stands for
a) New Type File System
b) Never Terminated File System
c) New Technology File System
d) Non Terminated File System

171. What is the full form of NTFS
a) New Technology File System
b) New Technical File System
c) New Technician File System
d) None of the above

172. Which one of the following is not the function of Operating System?
a) Resource Management
b) File Management
c) Networking
d) Processor Management

173. How do you connect internet in your system?
a) My computer >> dialup networking
b) Control panel >> modem
c) Network neighborhood
d) None of above

174. The following applications may appear on system tray except
a) System Clock
b) Volume Control
c) Network Connection
d) MS Office Suite

175. Which of the following is text browser?
a) Lynx
b) Hot Java
c) Netscape
d) Internet Explorer

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Answers for Operating System MCQ part 7

151 – c152 – c153 – a154 – b155 – d
156 – d157 – d158 – d159 – a160 – c
161 – c162 – d163 – c164 – a165 – d
166 – a167 – b168 – d169 – c170 – c
171 – a172 – c173 – a174 – d175 – a

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