Operating System MCQ part 9 || 201-225 important Questions and Answer

Operating System MCQ part 9 with question and answer. This article contains the 25 questions for practicing loksewa computer operator exam. Answer is given at the end of the page.

201. A real time operating system is most likely to be used for which of the following task?

a. Controlling access to a shared printer in a network
b. Ensuring that system clock works correctly on server
c. Managing the access to system files in a laptop computers
d. Controlling the fuel injection system of an automobile engines

202. An operating system is a program or a group of programs that

a. Helps in checking the spelling of Word
b. Maintain the relationship in Database
c. Manages the resources of the Computer
d. Performs the calculations of cells in Excel

203. What is the function of an operating system?

a. Manages computer’s resources very efficiently
b. Takes care of scheduling jobs for execution
c. Manages the flow of data and instructions
d. All of the above

204. The Primary job of the operating system is

a. Manage Commands
b. Manage Users
c. Manage Programs
d. Manage Resources

205. Which of the following is not an operating system?

a. Windows 2000
b. Linux
c. Mac OS
d. Notepad

206. Scandisk analyze and repair damage to which of the following?

a. Physical clusters
b. FAT
c. Lost clusters
d. All of the above

207. Find can be used to

a. Locate a program
b. Locate a document
c. Locate a network computer
d. All of above

208. ….is a new windows feature that offers a number of methods for searching for a file or folder?

a. Find
b. Search
c. Locate
d. All of the above

209. The ….command is used to open windows based application directly from DOS prompt

a. Run
b. Start
c. Load
d. Execute

210. When we double click on my computer

a. Show the content of your saved files
b. Show the list of your computer drive
c. List of deleted files and folders
d. All of the above

211. A ….is a pointing device

a. Monitor
b. Mouse
c. Keyboard
d. None of these

212. Which of the following is the part of the operating system?

a. Cell
b. FAT
c. Kernel
d. Disk

213. Directory is similar to ….

a. File
b. Folder
c. Item
d. None of above

214. What are the benefits of network?

a. To share hardware components
b. To share information and share software
c. It reduces cost
d. All of above

215. Sleep is a good mode to use because

a. It saves power which in trun is saving money
b. It makes compuer fresh after it wakes up
c. It consumes low battery when you start it again
d. All of above

216. What hole will allocates in “Worst-Fit” algorithm of memory management?

a. It allocates the smaller hole than required memory hole
b. It allocates the smallest hole from the available memory holes
c. It allocates the largest hole from the available memory holes
d. It allocates the exact same size memory hole

217. The operating feature that integrates the file created in different application into WebPages

a. Web integration
b. Internet integration
c. Intranet integration
d. Hypertext integration

218. BIOS is used by

a. Operating system
b. Compiler
c. Interpreter
d. Application software

219. Commonly network of network is called

a. MS Word
b. MS Excel
c. Internet
d. MS Access

220. Which icon would you access in the printer window to install a printer drive?

a. Add printer wizard
b. Setup
c. Install
d. None of above

221. Which of the following is the allocation method of a disk space?

a. Contiguous allocation
b. Linked allocation
c. Indexed allocation
d. All of the Above

222. You can set the width taskbar area and different components in it

a. By right click and set width menu
b. If the taskbar is not yet locked
c. If the applications are not opened
d. If other toolbars are not enabled

223. When you cut or copy the text or picture, it stores temporarily in the

a. File
b. Clipboard
c. Icon
d. All of above

224. A tiny dot of light on the monitor is called

a. Silicon chip
b. Optical illusion
c. Icon
d. Pixel

225. Who is called a supervisor of computer activity?

a. Memory
b. Operating System
c. I/O Devices
d. Control Unit

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Answers for Operating System MCQ part 9

201 – d202 – c203 – d204 – d205 – d
206 – d207 – d208 – a209 – b210 – b
211 – b212 – c213 – b214 – d215 – a
216 – c217 – a218 – a219 – c220 – a
221 – d222 – b223 – b224 – d225 – b

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