Types of computer monitors[2020]

In this section we are going to learn about computer monitors and different types of computer monitors.

Computer Monitors

The monitor is a popular and most commonly used output device. The monitor consists of a screen and the electronic components that produce the output on the screen for a temporary period. It is also called the Visual Display Unit (VDU) that provides visual display. The output received on the monitor screen is called softcopy output. Most monitors used in personal computers display the output in the form of text, graphics and video. A monitor has different control buttons that allows to adjust the brightness and colour contrast on the screen. The dfferent types of computer monitors are as follows:

types of computer monitors

Monochrome Monitor

Monochrome monitor

Monochrome means information displayed in one colour such as white, green, black blue, amber or Gray on a different colour background usually black. These monitors are usually used to display text only where we don’t need to see colour graphics. Some handheld computer use monochrome monitors to save the battery power Monochrome monitors are almost outdated.

colour monitors

Colour monitors are used to display output in different colours i.e. from 16 colours to millions of colours. Today, most of the personal computers use colour monitors. Now-a-day the colour monitors are of three main types. They are: CRT Monitor, LCD Monitor and LED Monitor.

CRT Monitor


The full form of CRT is Cathode Ray Tube. It is big in size and takes up a lot of desk space. It uses cathode ray tube to display video and graphics on the screen. It consumes more power than LCD monitor. The contrast ratio and depths of colours displayed are much greater with CRT monitor than LCD monitor. So many graphic designers are still using CRT monitor in their work.

LCD Monitor


The full form of LCD is Liquid Crystal Display. It uses special kind of liquid crystal to display video and graphics on the screen. It consumes very less power than CRT monitor. It is very lighter and more portable than the CRT monitor. The biggest advantage of LCD monitor is their size and weight. LCD screen also tends to produce less eye fatigues to the user. Another advantage of LCD screen is its fixed resolution.

LED Monitor


The full form of LED is Light Emitting Diodes. LED is the advance application of LCD. It is far better than the LCD technology. Due to the better techniques used in the LED monitors, these monitors are very accurate in their colour display. The contrast ratio of LED monitors is much better than that of the LCD monitors. The viewing angle of LCD monitors is not flexible and the viewers are required to see the LCD monitors from an angle of 30 degrees. Any change in this viewing angle can diminish the quality of the picture to a greater extent. However the viewing angle of LED monitors is flexible. The viewers are free to view on LED monitors, as there is no such angular limitation. The LED monitors consume less power while switched on.

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